Archie Campbell

Date: 1968 February 01
Length: 57 min.
Call Number: OH292


Country comedian. Born November 7, 1914. Died August 29, 1987. Best known for his work on the long-running television show Hee Haw. His early career success came at Knoxville radio station WNOX with the development of his “Grandpappy” character. Joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1958 as a comedian on the Prince Albert Show, a half-hour segment of the Opry sponsored by the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Recorded for RCA and Starday record labels. Hired as a writer-comedian for Hee Haw in 1969.

Interview Summary

1968 February 1
(57 minutes)
Country comedian Archie Campbell talks about the development of his career prior to joining the Hee Haw television show. Discussion includes his childhood; early musical influences; the development of his singing style; his first radio appearances; his first recordings; memories from his first stage performances; his association with Chet Atkins; advice for new artists; and comments on country music’s growth in popularity.