Ann Lair Henderson

Date: 1985 December 06
Length: 52 min.
Call Number: OHC144


Daughter of Renfro Valley Barn Dance founder John Lair. Born 1927. She managed the Renfro Valley operation during the mid-1980s.

Interview Summary

1985 December 6
(52 minutes)
Ann Lair Henderson, daughter of Renfro Valley Barn Dance founder John Lair, talks about her father’s career and legacy. Discussion includes John Lair’s early career; his musical interests and his early work producing musical shows; his association with the WLS National Barn Dance and her memories of the show; his song collecting and interest in preserving old-time music; her early memories of Renfro Valley; the development of the Renfro Valley community, including the Pioneer Museum; comments on Renfro Valley festivals; his decision to sell and then buy back Renfro Valley; and comments on what her father was trying to achieve with Renfro Valley.