Alcyone Bate Beasley

Date: 1970 March 05
Length: 40 min.
Call Number: OH284


Early Grand Ole Opry performer. Born May 30, 1912. Died October 17, 1982. Career most active 1925-1950s. Daughter of pioneering Grand Ole Opry performer Dr. Humphrey Bate. She performed with her father’s band, the Possum Hunters, when they made their first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry in 1925.

Interview Summary

1970 March 5
(40 minutes)
Pioneer country performer Alcyone Bate Beasley recalls highlights from her music career. Discussion includes her first memories of country music; comments on the musical career of her father, Dr. Humphrey Bate; her early career with her father’s band, the Possum Hunters; memories of early country performers including Uncle Jimmy Thompson and Roy Acuff; memories from the early days of the Grand Ole Opry; her early Opry performances; a description of an early 1930s RKO tour; and changes she has seen at the Opry.